Manifesting an Abundant Mindset

As we approach the tail end of what has been an unprecedented and disruptive 2020 year with the Covid-19 pandemic, this article is for you to ensure your emotional mindset as a business owner is doing good more than harm. Often what holds us back is whether you have an abundant mindset or poverty mindset.

An abundant mindset is having thoughts and perceptions that help us achieve our goals and dreams. For example, when you have a rich or abundant mindset you use your resources and energy to build and grow more wealth. If you were brought up poor, you may wrongly believe that you will just do mediocre in life and work. Once you sabotage your emotional thinking this manifests into law of attraction. You are what you believe.

Signs you have an abundant mindset:
• Using the profits from your business to build momentum for future years
• You are committed to ride the ups and downs in your business
• You spend time on personal enrichment
• You think about how your decisions and actions will pay off even if the result is not yet immediate

Signs you have a poverty mindset:
• Having surplus resources such as cash in the bank as the chance to spend up unnecessarily because you don’t know how else to spend it. Then feel guilty about the purchase after.
• You are afraid to justify and charge your clients for the value of your work and time spent
• Generating business profits over long periods of time. It slows and stalls.
• Give up easily
• Your end plans and goals are short term or consequences are immediate

If you recognize your poverty mindset, do know that there is no shame in reaching out and asking for support. Speak with your accountant or financial advisor, look for people in your business network, or friends and family you can confide. Knowing their knowledge and tips can help one stay on the abundant track. It takes time to shift a poverty mindset to an abundant one. Train yourself to think like one.

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