5 Tips to help in networking

Nowadays, networking plays an important role among the business. Today we are going to introduce five tips for the networking.


Have a plan

A successful networking needs a good plan in advance.  Before join in the networking, you should ask yourself a few questions: what result you want to achieve? What value you can offer to people? Who you want to talk to?  Clarify the end goal of the conversation will half the work with double results.

Body language

Using body language is essential to the networking. Keep smile and nod, stand confidently and talking with hands movement to show your positive attitude and make others enjoy this conversation.

Avoid unprofessional topics

However, a key rule of networking should avoid controversial topics such as religion, politics, profits or gossip. Always keep professional in your mind.

Be in control of communication

Even though you have a good plan, when initiating a conversation, don’t just think about your draft in mind. In contrast, think about the message you want to deliver and be flexible enough to response to the different situation.

Know yourself

Spend time to know your best way to express your personality. You can play to your strengths. Sometimes, bring a supporter is also a good idea.


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