Property inspection travel deductions

Recently there were some changes made to deductions of travel expenses available to landlords when making inspections of the property. The ATO website states from 1 July 2017, travel expenses related to residential investment property is not deductible.

In a recent Tax Wrap podcast there was a question raised regarding a man attending a Annual General Meeting of the Body Corporate of an apartment block he owns. The legislation begins saying the amendments do not affect deductions for travel expenses incurred in carrying on a business, including providing property management services. However, below it states in addition to travelling to the property, attending building owner’s meetings or visiting real estate property managers for discussions are not deductible. Therefore, the podcast concluded stating that man cannot claim deductions as he is not carrying on a business but has made an investment.

Reference: Tax and Super Newsroom. Question about property inspection travel deduction claims and body corporate meetings.



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